Testimonials for Strategic Humour

The book is appreciated by number of corporate professionals, management professors, trainers, researchers and students. A select list of testimonials is given below.

“I believe two things can get your message across to any reader…Simplicity and Humour….this book takes a complex concept called Strategy and gives you fifty simple ideas in a humorous way, what a wonderful way to learn and apply in real life!!”

Mr. Piyush Mathur, President India, Nielsen.


“Strategy is an esoteric topic of management, reserved for the elite in management schools. It is most definitely time, that someone thought of bringing it down to earth. I commend my friend, Prof Rajesh Pillania for having attempted this task which is at the same time onerous and sacrilegious. Readers and practitioners both will enjoy reading the book, because it will demystify strategy in their mind. I will hope that Rajesh writes a sequel on Execution, because, as we know, strategy is nothing without execution.”

Mr. Sumit Banerjee, Chairman, Cement Division, Confederation of Indian Industry & Former Vice Chairman Reliance Cement and Former Managing Director, ACC Limited.


“When I first heard that Rajesh has written a book titled Strategic Humour, I was literally amused. Strategy & Humour - how are they related! However after reading the introductory stories I realized how wrong I was. Rajesh has explained the dry and complicated concepts related to Organization strategy in a very light and amusing fashion which lets anyone who may have little or nothing to do with management grasp the topic well. A great read.”

Mr. Vinod Sood, Managing Director, Hughes Systique, India.


“Once solely used by the military, adaptation of the word “strategy” by the commercial world has created more confusion than intended. It is one of the most loosely used jargon at various layers of  management, especially at the top. Rajesh has brilliantly captured this dilemma through his easy narrative and quick-witted illustrations. A must read for the managers…”

Mr. Sid Sharma, President & CEO, Interglobe Air Transport.


“Rajesh is funny and incisive in this book while explaining strategy. The answers to dense concepts come alive through  Rajesh's unique way of communicating with stories and simple examples. This book will go a long way in demystifying a much-talked about but improperly-understood subject.”

Mr. Salil K Sahu, Managing Director, Home Stores India Limited.


“Rajesh in his new book has tried to democratize strategy beyond the C-Suite with his careful use of innuendos and nuanced examples……Reading the book has been a pleasure since each one of us can relate to most of the oft repeated occurrences which somewhere strike a vibrant chord….I am sure this book will further add to developing fresh and newer ideas…..Interesting read”.

Mr. Praveen Rawal, Managing Director  - India, Singapore and SEA at Steelcase.


“This comic book style guide to strategy is hilarious, unintimidating and easy for a first timer to understand. At the same time is offers a fun and fresh perspective for the expert. Basically, a good read for everyone!”

Mr. Sandeep Soni, Director and CEO, Hero Mindmine


"I must say that Rajesh has worked smartly to lend the view of applicability to the subject of strategy, in his own unique caricature and story format. We need more of such authors, professors & these illustrations, to extend the learnings of these subjects beyond the walls of the classroom for the yearning students and business professionals. While I enjoyed the privilege of being taught by the esteemed professors of IIM Bangalore, I would have loved to assimilate the learnings further by relating to such humorous illustrations as we read in this book - Strategic Humour. I hope that we have this methodology incorporated soon into the Business Cases which we use in the management schools, to relate to the subjects of Strategy, Organisation Behaviour, Microeconomics or even Statistics."

Mr. Nischal Gupta, (IIMB Alumni), Sr. Director for Strategy Deployment & Business Transformation, Flipkart.


"Rajesh has filled a long felt vacuum of humour in the complex area of strategy. The book is hilarious and brings a fresh perspective to strategy. It is a good read for both practitioners and academics.”

Professor Pawan Budhwar, Aston Business School, Aston University, UK


“Desire of many of us to mis-use popular words without adequate understanding about implementation aspects may be a reason for low utility of useful concepts.  Efforts by Professor Pillania to enhance the utility of strategy through the route of humour may prove very useful.  It will certainly help many people relate to strategy, aspire to learn more, experiment, learn and share.”

Professor Kirankumar S. Momaya, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB).


“Rajesh’s unique and hilarious tome will resonate with strategy professors and consultants, as well as managers and students, who have experienced awkward strategy interpretations and conversations. Rajesh deftly handles a broad range of strategic issues (including the models and frameworks) and offers big picture lessons through clever vignettes from everyday life experiences as well as movies, sports, and XYZ company. Rajesh’s humorous take on strategy is a welcome addition that humanizes our experiences working through individual, team, business, corporate and network strategy levels, and gives us all a well-needed session of laughter.”

Dr. Siri Terjesen, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It looks at Strategy with a fresh perspective and breaks it down from a non-cliched point of view. Dr. Pillania has managed to take a very "done to death" topic and infused it with life to make it an interesting, new and humorous take on ‘Strategy’."
Ms. Malini Rao, Head of Strategy and Business Management CBS, BT (British Telecommunications) India.